Thursday, 3 July 2014


So, I thought having depression, anxiety and an eating disorder was hard, and it bloody well was, but possibly have bipolar 2 or/AND an unstable emotions disorder as well.. how the fuck am I supposed to deal with that. I have no one I can talk to any more. Most of my friends are gone, the ones I have I'm too scared to meet up with in case I fuck up like usual, and the one person that it didn't matter what I acted like because he was always there...well now that's changed too. Yea he'll see me but that's not why he was different. He 'wants' to do things but can't/won't because he's scared of how I'll react to stuff. Basically, I'm alone now for good. It's probably for the best I guess. I can't hurt any one, no one can hurt me, kind of. Do you know how hard it is going from wanting to end it all to believing I can forget them all and do great things with my life? It's like my mind is two people.

Keep safe,


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